James A. Cates - adolescents; alcohol and drug use; mental health; social service

Mark W. Dewalt - education; textbooks; teacher preparation and renewal

Karen M. Johnson-Weiner - language/culture maintenance and shift; gender and language

Jill E. Korbin - mental health; family; childhood; demography

Donald B. Kraybill - social change; technology; religious beliefs; businesses

Mark L. Louden - Pennsylvania Dutch [Pennsylvania German] language and culture; Germanic and general linguistics

David L. McConnell - education, social and cultural change, religious schism, leisure and consumerism

Thomas J. Meyers - social and cultural change; education; demographics

Steven M. Nolt - history; religious beliefs; economic life; comparative cultural change

Denise M. Reiling - mental and physical health

Diane Zimmerman Umble - cultural approaches to communication technology; women’s history; interactions among the media and the Amish

David L. Weaver-Zercher - popular perceptions of the Amish; the Amish and the media; Nickel Mines school shooting and Amish forgiveness

Erik Wesner - business and entrepreneurship; settlements

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