Jill E. Korbin

Jill E. Korbin, Ph.D. is an anthropologist and Associate Dean at Case Western Reserve University. She also directs the Schubert Center for Child Studies. Korbin and her colleague, anthropologist and department chair Lawrence Greksa, have been working in the Amish Geauga Settlement in Ohio for more than a decade. Areas of expertise related to Amish populations include: mental health, family, childhood, and demography. Korbin and Greksa have the following publications on Amish populations available:

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Greksa, L.P., 2003, Birth seasonality in the Old Order Amish. Journal of Biosocial Science 36: 299-315.

Greksa, L.P. and J.E. Korbin, 2002, Key decisions in the lives of the Old Order Amish: Joining the church and migrating to another settlement. Mennonite Quarterly Review LXXVI: 373-398.

Greksa, L.P. and J.E. Korbin, 1999, Bridging Cultures and Crossing County Lines: Mental Health Service/System Planning for Amish Communities in Four Northeastern Ohio Counties. Report to Office of Consumer Services, Ohio Department of Mental Health, 84 pp.

Greksa, L.P. and J.E. Korbin, 1997, Influence of changing occupational patterns on the use of commercial health insurance by the Old Order Amish. Journal of Multicultural Nursing and Health 3: 13-18.

Campanella, K., J.E. Korbin, & L. Acheson, L., 1993, Pregnancy and childbirth among the Amish. Social Science and Medicine 36: 333-342.

Contact information:
E-mail: jill.korbin@case.edu
Phone: (216)368-2635

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