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Biology 111
Introduction to Biological Sciences I
Enzyme Lab Report
A Library Research Guide

Lab Report
How to make tables in Word
How to make graphs
Sample paper with graphs

Tips for effective searching
Find articles and essays on fermentation
How do I find a copy of the article?
Citing Sources
These are only some of the sources that may be useful to you.  Please contact me for help with any of your research, Sylvia Morra, x1452 or email AskUs.

AccessScience is the electronic version of The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.  503 M147 2002  20 volumes
    Contains an article on "Fermentation" and a second article entitled "Yeast."

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. Ref 570.3 En56  26 volumes.
    Includes an article entitled "Yeast Cell Culture" in the last volume.

Encyclopedia of Human Biology. Ref 612.003 En56  9 volumes.
    Has an article "Glycolysis."

World of Biology. Ref 570.3 W927
    Has short article on "Fermentation" and a second article on "Yeast."

How to make a table in a Word Document
Handout on how to create tables
    This is an excellent handout created by Kathy Kellie in the ITS Dept. of Elizabethtown College on several methods of creating tables.

Tables I
  Training from Microsoft on how to create tables.

Tables II 
 Training from Microsoft on more complex features of tables.

How to make a graph in Excel
Charts II
    Training from Microsoft on how to choose the correct type of chart.

Charts I
    Training from Microsoft on how to create charts.

Charts III
    Learn how to revise the data on the chart through this training from Microsoft.

Sample paper with graphs
Wood, Michelle A. and Jane F. Cavender. 2004. Beta-galactosidase staining as a marker of cells enduring stress. Bios. 75(4), 139-146.
    Pages 143 and 144 from this article give excellent examples of how figures can be labeled. Include detailed information next to each figure as shown here.

Tips for effective searching
Be persistent in your searching.
    Try both singular and plural forms of words (use a "+" sign in GenSciAbs to search both singular and plurals e.g. enzyme+).
    Search on a specific name of yeast, (e.g. Saccharomyces).
    Use the following subject searches: fermentation and  yeast.
    Add in terms like rate or concentration or specific substrates to narrow searches.
    Try synonyms like glycolysis or anaerobic.
    Keep trying various search combinations as keywords and/or subjects.

Find articles and essays
Get beyond Google by using some of the databases below, which contain both popular and scholarly articles. Although they deliver their content through the web, these databases are paid for through library subscriptions. Information found here would not generally be found for free on the web; articles have been written by subject experts or professional journalists and reviewed by peers and editors.

Academic Search Premier
     Continue your search in this multi-disciplinary database that indexes 4700 journals. Full text for more than 3600 scholarly journals. Indexing goes back to 1975 for some journals.

    PubMed Central is the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

ACS (American Chemical Society)
    Limit search to the journal title "Biochemistry" under the advanced search options. Change the default search from "Author" to "Titles and abstracts" and add in significant keyword terms.

How do I find a copy of the article?
Locate E-town Journals
    Put the name of the journal next to "Find:" and press "Search." This will retrieve a listing of the databases along with the dates that the full text is available. Click on the database with the matching full text years. Clicking on "Within the High Library" will bring up the catalog record. You can check here to see when the library subscribed to that particular journal and if it is in a paper format or on microfiche/microfilm. Reference librarians and circulation student assistants can help you make a paper copy of the article if it is on microfiche/microfilm. The library also has a copying service for articles found on microfiche/microfilm. Order copies online by using ILLiad   Click on request an article and fill out the form. You will receive an email when the article is available on ILLiad for downloading.

Request Materials from another library
    If the article is not available in our library, use the above link to request it from another library. Please allow 5 working days for receipt of the article.

Citing sources

Within many High Library databases, such as WorldCat, Academic Search Premier, and GeneralSciAbs, users can get citations to articles or books by clicking on "Cite this Item" or the "Cite this Article" icon CiteIcon.

Citing Electronic Sources- APA Style  Tips prepared by High Librarians on citing e-resources.

Citing Print Sources - APA Style Tips prepared by High Librarians on citing print resources.

APA Style  A few free examples from the American Psychological Association.

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Ref 652.323 Am512p5 on Reserve at the Circulation Desk. 

EasyBib - an interactive citation tool

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