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Historical Methods: A Research Guide

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How do I find a copy of the article?
Library of Congress Subject Headings
Find background information 
Databases and book reviews  

To use the links in this guide off campus go to http://www.etown.edu/HighLibrary.aspxand click on Database access from outside E-town network.

These are only some of the sources that may be useful to you. For further help with your research, please call (ext. 1452) or email Sylvia Morra. You may also email  AskUs at the High Library, or call the Reference Desk at ext. 1461.

Finding Evidence: The Archives
Primary Sources
    This provides a description of primary sources and gives examples from our library collection.

Special Collections of the High Library
The High Library's Special Collections area houses the College Archives as well as materials related to the Church of the Brethren.
    Catalogs of each of those collections are documents that can be searched online from the pages noted above. Use the "Find on this page" under Edit to go locate specific words.

The High Library catalog will help you to find books, videos, CDs, and other materials.
    To find books and videos that are located in the Special Collections area, click on the High Library Catalog, next to Type select SPEC-COLL and press enter to see cataloged materials that are located in the Special Collections area. Add a subject term or keyword to narrow your search.

New York Times 1980-present electronically, older issues on microfilm.
    Use the New York Times Index (1852-present) to locate articles published earlier than 1980. Indexes are located next to the reference collection in the open area near the fireplace.

How do I find a copy of the article? (Full text can be electronic or within the library in paper, microfiche or microfilm.)
What is available here and now?
Search for full text articles in journals using the following link: Locate E-town Journals.
Type the name of the journal next to 'Find:' and then press 'Search'.

Check the publication dates of the article against the listing of years for the database or the years listed 'Within the High Library'. If the database includes those years, click on the link, add in an author's name or title of the article. The full text link should appear at the end of the citation.

Within the High Library:
    Current year paper issues of journals in the High Library are on the entrance level.
    Older print journals are on Level One, alphabetically by journal title.

If the journal is in microfiche or microfilm, copies can be made in the library.. Ask the reference librarian or circulation student assistants for help.  Order copies online by using ILLiad   Click on Request an Article and fill out the form. You will receive an email when the article is available on ILLiad for downloading.

What if it is not here?
Order items from another library, if The High Library doesn't own that specific journal or have it for the years that you need it. Requesting the article can be done through the databases or through the following software link: ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan). Allow a minimum of 4-5 working days for the article to arrive.

Reviewing the Literature: Finding Secondary Sources
Library of Congress Subject Headings
    These volumes provide the subject terminology used by libraries to categorize their resources. These are located at the reference desk near the staplers. (Ready-Ref 025.3 Un4su 2006 5 volumes)

Find background information
General Subject Specific Encyclopedias have summary articles and bibliographies to get you started.

Look at the background information section of the subject guides for the names and call numbers of subject specific encyclopedias for a specific discipline.

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. 1968. 18 volumes. (Ref 303 In61).

International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2001. 26 volumes. (Ref 300.3 In61).

Encyclopedia of European Social History: from 1350-2000. (Ref 940 En56).

American Indians. 1995. 3 volumes. (Ref 970.004 Am512.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians. 1996. (Ref 970.004 En56).

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas. 2005. 6 volumes. (Ref 903 n532).

Databases and book reviews
Find out more about the EBSCO databases by clicking on "Choose Databases".
First Search databases provide more information by clicking on the "i".

Academic Search Premier (through EBSCOhost--varies). This multi-disciplinary database
indexes over 8100 journals and provides full text for 4700 journals. Select document type: Book Review and then enter a keyword or subject to narrow your search.

JSTOR (varies) Contains the full text of articles in the older issues of numerous scholarly journals.
Go to Advanced search and "Limit by:" "Type:" and "Review" to locate book reviews. Again narrow your search with another keyword or subject.

Newspaper Source (through EBSCOhost--1994 to present)

Humanities International Complete. 1925+. Find articles covering literature, philosophy, the arts, history, and culture.

Government Printing Office (1976 to the present)

SocINDEX with Full Text. 1908+. Articles from over 700 sociological journals, covering topics such as abortion, criminal justice, gender studies, marriage and family, religion and urban sociology.

More Book Reviews
H-Net Reviews: Humanities and Social Sciences (for book reviews)

A grid for guidance in locating Book Reviews for a specific title.

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