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Industry Analysis
Company Analysis
Market Watch
Investment Newspapers and Periodicals

These are only some of the sources that may be useful to you.  Please contact me for help with any of your research, Sylvia Morra, x1452 or email AskUs.

Industry Analysis
Standard and Poor's Corporation. Industry Surveys.
3 vols. (Behind Reference Desk--Ready Ref 332.67 St7851)
Includes basic and current analysis for 33 major domestic industries. Includes financial comparisons of the leading companies in each industry and is updated quarterly. Older issues are available in the stacks for checkout.

LexisNexis News (varies)
Provides full text articles from trade and news publications.
Click on the left sidebar labeled News. Click on Business and Industry. Enter search terms.

Business Source Elite (varies)
Provides full text articles for over 450 peer reviewed journals covering all aspects of the business world. Indexes more than 1100 scholarly business journals.

Academic Search Premier (varies)
This is a multi-disciplinary database indexing over 8,000 journals. 4,600 of those journals are full text. Use these sources to locate articles on competitive conditions, labor relations, governmental attitudes, etc. for your industry.

RMA Annual Statement Studies Financial Ratio Benchmarks (Behind Reference Desk--Ready Ref 657.3 R642s 2010-2011)
Contains composite financial data on manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing service, and contracting lines of business. Balance sheets and income statements are shown in common size categories, with each item a percentage of total assets and sales (or revenues), respectively. Some industries are not represented because the sample size was too small or there were significant questions concerning the data.

Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios. 2010. (Behind Reference Desk--Ready Ref 338.5 T864a 2011)
Reports on 192 major and minor industries. Provides fundamental analytical tools needed to compare companies in the same industry and of the same asset size. Past trend analysis was not continued because of the switch to NAICS coding and the additional industries.

Value Line Investment Survey--weekly additions. (Behind Reference Desk--Ready Ref 332.6 V215)
Provides a one page analysis of industries and is updated quarterly. Check the table of summary and index contents sheet to locate a particular industry.

Market Share Reporter. 2003. (Ref 380.1 M345 2003)
Compilation of market share reports from periodical literature. Covers the period from 1998 through 2002. 

Market Share Reports
From Lexis-Nexis Academic, click on Sources. You will be on the Browse Sources tab with Publication Type selected, select Companies and Organizations. Select Analysts Reports, combined and click OK-Continue. Add in the name of your company or industry and click search. This retrieves Nelson’s Company Research and Zack’s Equity Research reports among others.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). (Ref 338.0012 N864 2007)
Allows one to find equivalent industry codes between the Standard Industrial Code (SIC) and the NAICS.

Encyclopedia of American Industries. 2 vols. (Ref 338.0973 En56 1998).
Arranged by SIC code for manufacturing or service industries.

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries. 2007. (Ref 338.003 En562)

Encyclopedia of Global Industries. 2007. (Ref 338.003 En56)

Company Analysis
Value Line Investment Survey
-Weekly Additions. (Behind Reference Desk--Ready Ref332.6 V215)
Analyzes 1700 companies in 95 industries. The statistics, charts, and brief explanatory text are reviewed and updated quarterly. Includes 11 year statistical history of 22 key investment factors plus estimates 3-5 years into the future, quarterly sales, earnings per share, dividends, Value Line ratings (on timeliness, safety, and relative volatility), review of latest developments and future prospects.

LexisNexis Company Search (varies)
Enter the name of the company to see a snapshot of the company. Follow the links on the left for company hierarchy, financials, intellectual property, legal and additional resources. One can compare up to five company dossiers at the opening Business screen.

Business Source Elite (varies)
Choosing Company Profiles will reveal a listing of Datamonitor reports on a company and their competitors.

Edgar Database
Annual reports, 10K and quarterly reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Annual Report Gallery
Contains links to more than 2200 company web sites and their annual reports.

Public Register's Annual Report Service
Order free paper copies of annual reports from 3600 companies.

Standard and Poor's Security Owner's Stock Guide-monthly (Ref 332.6 St785sg)
Tabular format for 5100 common and preferred stocks, includes S&P ratings, stock price range, capitalization, annual and interim earnings, dividends, and institutional holdings. Library owns year-end volumes back to 1997.

Wall Street Journal Index. Library has: 1957-present.
Use the first January issue each year to locate historical stock data.

Standard and Poor's Corporation Records-monthly. (Behind reference desk--Ready Ref 330.0116 St785c)
Covers companies having listed and unlisted securities. Topics include capitalization, corporate background, stock data, bond descriptions, earning and finances.

LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations. 8 volumes. 2007. (Ref 330.016 D598 2007)
Lists over 4,000 major American parent companies, includes business emphasis, approximate sales, number of employees, ticker symbol, top officers, subsidiaries, divisions or affiliates. Includes a cross-reference index for all subsidiaries, divisions, etc. Volumes 5 & 6 contain information on U.S. Private companies and volumes 7 & 8 have information on International Public and Private Companies.

Market Watch
Yahoo: Business and Economy
Create a free login to monitor specific stocks in your portfolio.

Big Charts
Part of Dow Jones' Market Watch. Tracks more than 50,000 stocks and specializes in charting. Includes industry top and bottom performers for the past three months.

Wall Street Journal's Market Data Center
Provides links to track stocks daily, monitor stock quotes, charts, news and research.

Standard and Poor's Corporation. The Outlook-Weekly. (Behind Reference Desk--Ready Ref 332.67 Ou94)
Analyzes and projects business and stock market trends. Includes brief data on individual securities with purchase recommendations as well as current S&P stock market indexes.

Value Line Investment Survey, Selection and Opinion-Weekly (Behind Reference Desk--Ready Ref 332.6 V215)
Selection & Opinion sections provide an economic and stock market commentary.

Standard and Poor's Bond Guide-Monthly. (Ref 332.6 St785b)
Financial data is in tabular format on American and a few foreign bonds, including convertibles. Gives S&P bond quality ratings and ratings on municipal bonds.

Investment Newspapers and Periodicals
Browse the following periodical titles for relevant articles.

Barron's National Business and Financial Weekly.
ProQuest Digital Microfilm 2008 to present (2 month embargo)
    Within the High Library 1965 to present
Business Week (aka Bloomberg Businessweek)
"Outlook Scoreboard" (annual in last Dec. issue). An alphabetical list of over 900 companies, with recent stock price, book value, dividend rates, shares held by institutions, EPS, EPS estimates for the coming year, etc.
    Business Source Elite 1996 to present
    Within the High Library 1987 to present

Economic Indicators.
    Academic Search Premier 1996 to present
    Business Source Elite 1996 to present

Financial Analysts Journal.
    Business Source Elite  1985 to present
    Within the High Library 1968 to present

Forbes Magazine.
   An April issue each year ranks the 2000 largest corporations  in the world by sales, profits, assets and market value.
    Academic Search Premier 1990 to present
    Business Source Elite 1990 to present
    Within the High Library 1966 to present

Harvard Business Review.
    Business Source Elite 1985 to present
    Within the High Library 1950-June, 2010

Institutional Investor.
    Business Source Elite 1997-present (embargo: 1 month)

Journal of Finance.
    Business Source Elite  1985 to present (embargo: 1 year)
    Within the High Library 1987 to present

Journal of Portfolio Management.
    Business Source Elite  2002 to present (embargo: 18 months)
    Within the High Library 1984-2007

Journal of World Business.
     Business Source Elite 1997-2001  
    Within the High Library 1997 to present

New York Times.
    Lexis Nexis Academic  1980 to present (no images)
    Proquest Digital Microfilm 2008 to present (embargo: 2 months)
    Within the High Library 1851 to present

Survey of Current Business.
    Business Source Elite 1996 to present
    EBSCO Open Access 1994 to present
     Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis--Survey of Current Business    1921-1997
    Within the High Library 1943-2009

Wall Street Journal.
    ProQuest Digital Microfilm   2008-present (embargo 2 months)
    Within the High Library 1958 to present

To determine what format (paper, fiche or film) a particular journal is available in the library, click on the "Within the High Library" link. 

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