100_2488e Rinck pass at start of play; ECFH (0) at Juniata (1) 10-24-2006
100_2489e Defense as Rinck fies on defensive corner; ECFH at Juniata
100_2490e Powerful defenders ready for the play; ECFH at Juniata
100_2491e Noon in pursuit; ECFH at Juniata
100_2492e Intense offensive challenge at Juniata goal; ECFH at Juniata
100_2497e Defense ready; ECFH at Juniata
100_2498e Noon drives as Brown & Angstadt support; ECFH at Juniata
100_2499e Angstadt powers up to bring in corner; ECFH at Juniata
100_2501e Offense on corner; ECFH at Juniata
100_2506e No score for EC on intense goal action; ECFH at Juniata
100_2510e Offense drives; ECFH JV (1) at Juniata (0)
100_2511e Offense as ball pops up; ECFH JV at Juniata
100_2512e Wind up by 34 at top of circle on corner; ECFH JV at Juniata
100_2513e Defense; ECFH JV at Juniata
100_2514e Seconds before 17 scores EC goal 1; ECFH JV at Juniata
100_2515e L Hannegan in goal directs positions; ECFH JV at Juniata
100_2516e Drive by 34; ECFH JV at Juniata
100_2517e Scoreboard at half was also final score; ECFH JV at Juniata
100_2520e Players 36, 34, 00, 10 defend on corner; ECFH JV at Juniata