100_2290e Start of play; ECFH vs Lebanon Valley
100_2292e Marsala recovers; ECFH vs Lebanon Valley
100_2293e Brown advances ball; ECFH vs Lebanon Valley
100_2294e Offense on corner gets another corner; ECFH vs Lebanon Valley
100_2296e Bawell advances ball just before goal 1; ECFH vs LV
100_2297e EC tied score 1-1 at 1911 when first-year student B Noon scored her fifth goal off assist by sr co-captain V Bawell; ECFH vs Lebanon Valley
100_2298e LV out-shot EC 15- but only found net 2x as Callaghan made 11 saves and Marsala added a defensive save
100_2300e Policicchio advances ball; ECFH vs LV
100_2304e Team advances ball; Noon, Spriggle, Mastromarino w ball, Marsala; ECFH vs LV
100_2308e Defense on corner w L Hannegan goalie; ECFHJV vs LV
100_2310e Offense ready to receive; ECFHJV vs LV
100_2313e EC JV goal 1; ECFHJV vs LV