100_2203e H Moody attacks
100_2204e Rinck fires shot on corner
100_2205e Policicchio in conrol outplays challenger; ECFH vs Weidener
100_2206e Ryan White, ballboy, runs tirelessly; wearing 'Fear the Bird' tee (courtesy Bob & Lynn Mastromarino), informal motto of ECFH 2006
100_2210e Duval fires ball; ECFH vs Weidener
100_2212e Noon skill brings ball; Defense supports; ECFH vs Weidener
100_2215e Angstadt shot; ECFH vs Weidener
100_2217e Goal 1; M Angstadt scores off B Noon  assist at 5610 to tie game 1-1; ECFH vs Weidener
100_2221e Goal 2; Four minutes left, V Bawell  scored first goal of the season, as well as the game-winner, on Spriggle assist
100_2229e Indoor tailgating feast after victory; ECFH vs Weidener
100_2233e A Marsala w crown celebrates birthday w teammates at tailgating; ECFH vs Weidener