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Beating Bad Habits

A Six-Stage Approach

Most of us have habits that cost us time, money, or otherwise detract from our sense of well-being. In some cases, they may pose significant threats to our health, jobs, academic success, relationships, or even our lives.

Despite the wide range of behaviors that can be classified as bad habits (e.g., unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, abuse of alcohol or drugs, procrastination, temper outbursts, smoking, poor sexual decisions, and many more), the challenges involved in overcoming them are in many ways similar.

You  may or may not be ready to acknowledge, and/or consider changing, a particular habit. Maybe you want to make some changes, but aren't sure how to proceed. Perhaps you have already tried, without success, to make a change. Or you did succeed, but seem to be slipping back.

For most people, the usual two-step approach ( 1: Decide to change,  2: Change ) doesn't work. According to James Prochaska, author of Changing for Good, the change process involves at least six stages.

Recognizing the stage you are in, and anticipating the stages still ahead, can dramatically improve your chances of lasting success.

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