Films and Videos


The Amish: Not to be Modern, VHS, directed by Victoria Larimore (1988; MPI Home Video). [A documentary about an Amish community in Ohio; 57 min.]

The Amish: How They Survive, DVD and VHS, directed by Burton Buller (2005; Holmes County, OH: Buller Films LLC). [A documentary focusing on the Amish of Holmes County, Ohio; 49 min.]

The Amish: Back Roads to Heaven, DVD, directed by Burton Buller (2007; Holmes County, OH: Buller Films LLC) [A documentary focusing on the Amish of Lancaster County, Pa.; 45 min.]

The Amish: A People of Preservation,.DVD, PBS Documentary (1996; Harleysville, PA: Heritage Productions, 2006) [A documentary of the Amish of Lancaster County; 56 min.]

The Amish Riddle, DVD, directed by Jeannet, F. & Mercier, V. (1992; New York, NY: Filmmakers Library, Inc., with La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland: EKIS Productions) [A documentary of the Amish of Lancaster County by a Swiss producer; 50 min.]

Interpretative films

Amish Grace, DVD, directed by Gregg Champion (2010; Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment) [Based on Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy; 88 min.]

A Stoning in Fulham County, VHS, directed by Larry Elikann (1988; Landsburg Company, NBC) [Based on a true story in Adams County, Indiana. A county prosecutor encounters resistance when he attempts to bring the teenage killers of an Amish child to justice; 97 min.]

The Radicals, DVD, directed by Raul V. Carrera (1990; SIBRO Films, 2004) [A powerful portrayal of the early Anabaptists in the sixteenth century; 99 min.]

Witness, DVD, directed by Peter Weir (1985; Hollywood, CA: Paramount Pictures) [A big city cop on the lam hides out on an Amish farm, where he and a young widow are attracted to each other; 112 min.]

The Amish and Us, DVD, directed by Dirk Eitzen and David Tetzlaff (1998; a Dirk Eitzen Film, 2007) [A creative interpretation and critique of Amish tourism in Lancaster County, PA; 57 min.]

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