Other Web Sites

Amish America is a frequently updated weblog about the Amish and other Anabaptist groups. It includes an online encyclopedia and information by state.

Amish.net provides general information about the Amish and Amish products as well as links to other Amish-related sites.

The National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom has as its mission the defense and preservation of the religious freedom of the Old Order Amish.

AmishGrace.com provides information about Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy, a book about the Amish school shooting in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, in October 2006.

GAMEO (Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online) is an extensive site containing articles on Amish and other Anabaptist-related groups and topics including history, theology, biography, institutions, and local congregations.

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