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This WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources is a frequently updated Internet directory of over 2000 annotated links to high-quality English-language sources of information and analysis in a wide range of international affairs, international relations, international studies, global studies, and global education topics. These sites are carefully selected for their long-term value, favoring those with cost-free, authoritative information and analysis online. Each website is described only in general terms because of the typically rapid changes in details of its contents and features.



News and Blogs

News Sources in English on Asia-- Asian Correspondent, Asia News Network, Asia TimesChannelnewsasiaThe Diplomat, East Asia Forum, The Statesman (India), The Times of India (India), The Hindu (India), The Nation (Pakistan), Dawn (Pakistan), China Daily (Chinese government), Shanghai Daily (China), Xinhuanet (Chinese government), China News Service (Chinese government), South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), China Digital Times, Focus Taiwan (Taiwan), Taipei Times (Taiwan), Straits Times (Singapore), Bangkok Post (Thailand), The Nation (Thailand), Tuoi Tre News (Vietnam), VietNamNet Bridge (Vietnam), Jakarta Post (Indonesia), Jakarta Globe (Indonesia), Manila Times (Philippines),  Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), The Age (Australia), New Zealand Herald, Asahi Shimbun (Japan), Japan Times (Japan), Korea Times (South Korea), The Seoul Times (South Korea), Chosun Ilbo (South Korea), Wall Street Journal Asian Edition, Google News, BBC, Financial Times, CNNChristian Science Monitor, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Voice of America, Inter Press Service, Reuters China News, Reuters India Edition, Reuters Japan News, Reuters India Insight, The Guardian (Asia), The Guardian (China), The Guardian (Australia)

Insightful Blogs on Asia
-- East Asia and Pacific on the Rise (World Bank), Tea Leaf Nation (Foreign Policy), China Real Time Report (Wall Street Journal), End Poverty in South Asia (World Bank), Sinosphere (New York Times), Asia Unbound (Council on Foreign Relations), 38 North (on North Korea, from SAIS at Johns Hopkins University)

Other Sources

Asia Economic Institute-- "Formed by a coalition of top economics professors and analysts worldwide who research in their areas of expertise," this organization posts news, information, and analysis on Asian economies.

Asia Foundation-- NGO "committed to the development of a peaceful, prosperous, just, and open Asia-Pacific region. The Foundation supports programs in Asia that help improve governance, law, and civil society; women's empowerment; economic reform and development; and international relations... [the] Resource Library contains surveys, reports, research, analysis, handouts, brochures, and other materials..." There is also a Multimedia section.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)-- "The premier forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region." Information about APEC, the international economics and trade of the region, latest news, official statements, agreements, and more. Hundreds of free publications for download.

Asia Regional Integration Center-- From the Asian Development Bank to provide "an array of regularly updated information about the economic performance and prospects of 16 Asian nations."

Asia Society-- America's leading institution dedicated to fostering communication between Americans and the peoples of Asia and the Pacific. Note the Education section.

Asian Barometer-- "Applied research program on public opinion on political values, democracy, and governance around the region. The regional network encompasses research teams from 13 East Asian political systems... and 5 South Asian countries... Together, this regional survey network covers virtually all major political systems in the region, systems that have experienced different trajectories of regime evolution and are currently at different stages of political transition... a true pan-Asian survey research initiative."

Asian Development Bank-- Online data and publications are available from this multilateral development finance institution, including from the Data and Research page and Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific. Regional and country data and analysis are available off the Countries and Regions page.

Asian Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia-- "Regional partnership of eleven social development networks and organizations in ten Asian nations that envisions Asian rural communities that are just, free, prosperous, living in peace and working in solidarity towards self-reliance." Site posts information and analysis of rural development issues and projects in Asia.

Association for Asian Studies-- "The largest society of its kind... is a scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional association open to all persons interested in Asia. It seeks through publications, meetings, and seminars to facilitate contact and an exchange of information among scholars to increase their understanding of East, South, and Southeast Asia."

Association of Southeast Asian Nations-- Information about this major IGO, its activities, its members, and the region as a whole, including its foreign relations.

East-West Center-- At the University of Hawaii, "an internationally recognized education and research organization established by the U.S. Congress to strengthen understanding and relations between the United States and the countries of the Asia Pacific region." Publications and commentary online.

Eurasia Foundation-- "Privately managed non-profit organization supported by the United States Agency for International Development," active with private enterprise development, public administration and policy, and civil society in the Eurasian region. Posts news, country information, articles and speeches.

EurasiaNet-- News, country information, features, analysis, discussion forums, and weekly bulletin about the region of Central Asia, from the Central Eurasia Project of the Open Society Institute.

H-Asia-- Part of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine, "to enable historians and other Asia scholars to easily communicate current research and teaching interests; to discuss new articles, books, papers, approaches, methods and tools of analysis; to test new ideas and share comments and tips on teaching... [and] committed to discussing region wide, comparative and professional issues important to scholars of Asia."

Integrated Regional Information Network-- From the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, providing news items on crises in Asia.

National Bureau of Asian Research-- A nonprofit, nonpartisan U.S. institution that conducts advanced research utilizing the world's premier specialists on Asia and Russia, and serves as the international clearinghouse on regional expertise and important policy issues. Selected publications online. See AccessAsia for a databank of "experts in the field of contemporary Asian affairs, including economics, health, politics, security, and trade."

Tibetan and Himalayan Library-- "Publisher of websites, information services, and networking facilities relating to the Tibetan plateau and southern Himalayan regions... promotes the integration of knowledge and community across the divides of academic disciplines, the historical and the contemporary, the religious and the secular, the global and the local."

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific-- From the U.N., news, analysis, and statistics about development, population, environmental, and trade issues in Asia and the Pacific. Note especially the Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific.

World Bank East Asia and Pacific-- Papers, discussion notes, and reports dealing with the full range of economic, environmental, and social issues facing East Asia and the Pacific today.

World Bank Europe and Central Asia-- Papers, discussion notes, and reports dealing with the full range of economic, environmental, and social issues facing Eastern Europe and Central Asia today.

World Bank South Asia-- Papers, discussion notes, and reports dealing with the full range of economic, environmental, and social issues facing South Asia today.

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