Primary Contacts:
Mike Patrick
1803 Baugher Avenue
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
610.209.3529 (cell)

Dan Fenton
667 Baugher Avenue
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
484.888.6606 (cell)

Recent Sightings:

Semester meetings dates and locations will be posted soon.

Recruiting presentation dates and locations will be posted as they become approved.

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Recent Presentations

[4 -22 -08] O3 Path Planning [VIDEO Only] - David Coleman

[4-22-08] Joint Architecture for Unmanned System  [VIDEO] - Jeremy Crouse

[4-22-08] Wunderbot Vision System [VIDEO] - James Painter

[4-22-08] Wunderbot IV Presentation [VIDEO Only] - W4 Team 

Older Presentations

[11-6-06] Path Planning from a Design Viewpoint - David Coleman

[11-6-06] Wireless Communication (introduction on JAUS) - Jeremy Crouse

[11-6-06] Image Processing and Pattern Recognitions - James Painter

[6-9-06] Wunderbot 3 Technical Report for IGVC Competition - W3 Team

GPS - Aggps114


Encoders - Mercury


MCU - Activewire

MCU - Stamp


Power - Lister


Software - Roboteq_ax2550


US Digital Optical Encoders

Webcam Viewer